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  1. maddyn

    89/91 Ranger TDI Build

    So Figured it was probably time to start a build thread for my truck. I am a long time lurker on the Ranger Station, mainly for the wealth of knowledge that it is. I used to own a '92 Extra Cab 4.0 on 35's with a Duff Lift that I wheeled quite a bit, but finally sold back in 2020 because I...
  2. chickenman

    1994 4x4 5speed TDI swap

    This will be my documentation of how I TDI swap my ranger. Stay tuned. I will be posting most updates on my new member page, and saving this one to big updates.
  3. chickenman

    1994 4x4 manual TDI swap

    This is the begining of the long process.
  4. powerstrokekid

    1st gen TDI ranger, prerunner style build.

    I have been itching to start a build thread for this and I’m finally starting to make some progress on parts so I guess I’ll start. GOALS FOR THE TRUCK The goal here is to build my dream daily driver ranger that can get 30mpg to avoid buying any more commuter cars, or drive my full-size trucks...
  5. powerstrokekid

    Not new here but first time posting.

    Hey everyone. I have been surfing the ranger station forums since 2007, joined in 2012 and have yet to post here. I have had a few rangers since 2012 but none have made it to the street..or a trail. I have started to build a TDI swapped ranger 3 times for a daily driver yet life seems to always...
  6. Your Local Machine Shop Cost For Diesel Adapter

    Hi guys, I'm looking to soon do a TDI, or v2203 swap into my ranger for mpg. Basically, I just want to know how much your adapter costed you to get fabbed locally. Adapters run ~1k-1.5k, and I want to know if that's what I would pay locally, or if that's what you paid locally for your machine...

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