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starter drive

  1. Pix3L8

    Quick question for you electricians out there

    So here goes, last week I was driving my Bronco to pick up some lumber, as one does on a Sunday afternoon. The truck started a little weak but drove to the lumber yard fine. I place my order and go out to leave....CLICK..no crank. So after an hour of messing with the truck and sweating to death...
  2. Starter on '88 Ford Ranger

    Bought an '88 Ranger XLT 2.9L 4X4 standard transmission recently. I have had three starters crap out and am on number four (fourth in a week). All three of the first starters lost their ability to engage the fly wheel (a lot of whirring). This most recent starter had installation instructions...
  3. Starter gear problem

    I've been having starter problems and need to know if anyone here has use the 10 (ten) tooth gear on their 2.8 with 5 speed transmission. I'm on my third starter in about six months; they work at first, then they get noisy and eventually just spin. I have replaced the flywheel, but ordered a...

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