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rpm fluctuates

  1. 1994 b4000 idle/rev issue

    1994 Mazda b4000 4x4 216,xxx No mechanical issues other than a leaky break hose and one I can't figure out, on occasion when stopped or on neutral the rpms jumps and the engine revs, like if the brake weren't depressed or it was out of gear it would lurch forward, like...vuh! Buhbuhbuhbuh vuh...
  2. Ranger Idles fine but RPM gauge fluctuates while driving

    Hi all, I have a 1999 Ford Ranger 4.0L V6. My truck’s RPM gauge will fluctuate and if I don’t give it some gas it will stall. While this happens the truck feels like its chugging. It idles just fine (1000 RPMS). I took it to an auto shop and they couldn’t get the problem to repeat. They said...

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