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  1. 2.3L ('83-'97) Overly High PCV Pressure

    Hey all, I've been test driving my 1991 ranger with a 2.3 turbo motor from a 1988 thunderbird turbocoupe in order to get it tuned after being rebuilt and assembled. After these drives, I've noticed a lot of smoke from the engine bay coming from oil that is being sprayed around and hitting the...
  2. Oil filter size

    Just took my 88 ranger xlt 2.3L 5 speed to a quick lube place for and oil change, I tried to do it myself but was having a hard time getting the filter off and said screw it. I noticed the oil filter they put on is smaller than the one they took off, is that ok? Obviously it fits but is it going...
  3. Too Lean ... Bad Regulator?

    I have been getting a "too lean" MIL code on both banks and while I preemptively replaced the O2 sensors, that did not fix the issue. So, I dug into the problem and have eliminated a vacuum leak (checked with a pressure gauge ... stayed in green under all conditions except fast / high rev of...
  4. Wet Tranny

    Getting the 2000 ranger ready for some wheeling with water. Where is the tranny vent to raise it up? 4 liter, automatic transmission
  5. oil pressure and water temp gauges w/ V8

    I have a 1991 4.0L XLT ranger with a V8. Im installing a flip kit so I can use my new one piece driveshaft. Id like to take it for its first drive this week when its finished but I don't want to run it without water and oil gauges. Id like to use the stock gauges. Which wire goes to the oil...
  6. nickoroniper

    Using Crankcase Pressure for forced induction!

    Im running 2.3 roller motor, carb(2100), duraspark. Ive used the same set up for 15yrs.(different motors) At somepoint, my pcv valve hose was moved to a spacer under the carb. I recently rebuilt the carb after 10yrs of questionable reliability, having trouble adjusting my timing, idle, mixture...

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