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pre runner

  1. Gangwer296

    Alternator plug HELP

    My 4.0 1991 ranger has a pig tail unlike any replacement alternators at orielly. It is the style with two outer clips instead of the more round single clip connection. Do I need to just replace this pig tail?? I’m currently broken down I’m going to replace the alternator in the morning when...
  2. HELP, I want to lift my 1986 2WD Ranger w/ Manual Steering

    So here’s my dilemma. I own a 1986 Ford Ranger with the 2.3l and 5spd manual. I want to put a cheapo rough country lift for aesthetic purposes and maybe do some beach cruising. However, my truck has manual steering which RC says will not work with their kit because P/S and M/S have different...
  3. 1994 Ford Ranger 4.0 v6 4x4 will not engage in any gear, revs in every gear

    So I went off roading and launched off a jump in my prerunner and cased the landing, I bottomed out my rear susspension enough to buck my rear wheels off the ground and nose wheely for a few feet. After that I went to step on the throttle to keep going but my truck would just rev as if it was in...
  4. kurama49

    suspention question

    Hey everyone. I was curious whats the best bang for the buck I-beam long travel kit? I'll soon have $5000 to play with. and im getting my new "victim" in a week and a half. I would like to get a long travel, but still have a few hundred left over for bulged fenders. Im looking at camburgs...
  5. Need More Power

    I am trying to get the most power out of my 2.3 ltr with out having to rebuild the motor... Any suggestions? I am putting 4.11s in the rear end. I have a K&N filter. What else should i do cause I am making my Ranger a pre-runner dune rig.

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