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power steering pump

  1. A4LD_Nghtme

    SOLVED: Loss of power Steering After new pump. 1990 Bronco ii 2.9

    Old pump was leaking and whining so I replaced it. Installed new pump and tried to bleed the system with the car off and the fluid level didn't go down. So I kept turning it then decided to start the car to see if that helped, still no fluid movement. Tried to drive the car and had zero power...
  2. A4LD_Nghtme

    Part id: What is this part? 1990 Bii/Ranger Power Steering?

    Hello, Kind of embarrassing to have to ask this but I disassembled my gear box partially and decided to start with my pump rebuild first which I completed and found this piece lying around. Any idea what it goes to if either of these major steering components? I am at a loss I tried photo...
  3. Power steering pump interchange

    will a 1999 mustang v6 power steering pump fit and work on a 1999 ranger v6
  4. 2006 XLT squeaks in idle

    Hey TRS, First post, Excited to join this community. Been perusing around and it looks very interesting/informative. On to my question: The engine seems to emit a high pitched, fairly frequent (~2-3 times/second) squeak when it is idling. I say "seems to" because when I rev the engine the...
  5. power steering

    i am in the process of the V8 conversion of my 94 ranger. i was wondering if there was any pressure differences between the 5.0L and the 4.0L power steering pumps?
  6. Kage

    Lets talk about pumps for a bit (hydro assist/Standard box)

    I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading (here and on pirate) about what people are (or have) used for higher volume/pressure Power Steering pumps. Unfortunately, there seems to be quite a few gaps in the information that is turning up in my searches. I’d like to fill some of those gaps for my own...

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