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  1. Ford Ranger: Module Install

    7lrD76kanRY Tuning Tuesday: Every Tuesday where we'll show you a closer look at JET Performance, products offered, behind the scenes, as well as installs and more. Today we're bringing you a new installation! We're showing you just how easy it is to install a Power Control Module on a 2004...
  2. idriveafordranger94

    Okay guys, I'm officially stumped

    This absolutely confuses the hell out of me. I am completely stumped by this. So here's the story: The '94 blue Ranger I just bought quit running, so I decided to see what was wrong. Meanwhile, I had my brother's red '94 Ranger in my garage for a new clutch. I read some of the forums and...
  3. Where's the TCM?

    So the speedo stopped working, then the odometer. Then the trans. starts slipping. We changed the sensor on top of the rear diff. Nothing. Took off the instrument panel - no cable - all electronic. Okay, lets change the trasmission. Did that. Still slips and no speedo or odo. Hooked up a...