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lift kit

  1. Kags101

    Bronco II Leaf spring hangers.. HELP

    All started with rear leaf spring replacement on my 1989 Bronco II XL. The old springs were sagged obviously. the shackles were shot, with no hope of removal. when attempting to remove the bolt for the upper shackle mount, the hangers started to twist. Further inspection found almost 50% of the...
  2. fyre82

    Lift Kit ID help needed

    Hey guys, I need some help to identify what brand lift is on my 2K Ranger 4x. Best as I can tell it is 6" lift, anyone recognize the style of the lift box? I can't find a mark on any of the parts other than the part number on the knuckle. I am in need of a left lift knuckle as it got a bit...
  3. Samzwell

    Taking camber out of Twin I-Beam after 2" lift (1987 Ranger RWD)

    Hey there, I need some advice on how to bring out the camber after adding 2" spacers on the front end of my '87 Ranger RWD. I did the lift after putting some Cooper Discoverer AT 235/75r15s on. I took it in for an alignment and the shop told me they can't bring the positive camber out because my...
  4. Lift, Locker, Gears

    Need gone Ford 7.5 lock right locker by power trax 150
  5. I want to lift my ‘86 2wd w/ Manual Steering HELP

    So here’s my dilemma. I own a 1986 Ford Ranger with the 2.3l and 5spd manual. I want to put a cheapo rough country lift for aesthetic purposes and maybe do some beach cruising. However, my truck has manual steering which RC says will not work with their kit because P/S and M/S have different...
  6. '99 4x4 Suspension Lift Kit HELP

    Hey I'm new to posting on this forum, typically I've just been viewing, but I've been struggling a bit. I'm looking to lift my 99 Ranger 4x4, ideally 5.5" but the best I can find for my truck is the superlift 4" lift kit. I know there's 5.5" out there, I just can't seem to find any. Second to...
  7. Go big or go home

    I have a 03 XLT v6. 3.0L. With a 6" suspension lift and 3" body lift. I'm running 33's, so all and all I've got a good lift going, but my problem is I want to go higher. I'm pretty new to this whole thing, and I can't find anything online that will get me past what I already have. Any...
  8. suspension questions

    I recently bought a 98 2wd ranger, and I was looking to put a lift kit on it. I was wandering what size lift I would need for 33s. I do not want to do a body lift, so only a suspension lift. Also, I was wandering what I would need to do other than the lift in order to fun 33s. It is a manual...
  9. 98 3.0l 3"lift

    Hey guys, got a 98 ranger 2wd 5 speed.....I have done a 3" spindle lift on the front and 2" shackle w/ 2" block kit and its time for new shocks ( currently have lift shocks from fabtech) and was curious if I did a 2" coil in the front would that improve my ride quality with maybe a bigger...
  10. Will this lift fit my truck???

    hi, im looking at buying a 3" Rough country ranger lift fit my 02 mazda b4000, all i have seen thus far is the rough country lift for ranger up to 1997 it seems that they switched the front ends up a bit from 98+ 4wd models so anyone know if it will still fit? also what would you reccomend for...
  11. BishNasty

    Rear leaf springs or blocks?

    I have a stock 87 bronco ii. I like to do a little offroadin here and there but mainly drive the truck every where. I plan on getting the 4" rough country lift and 31s but I'm not sure whether to get leaf springs or blocks? Anything helps? Thanks
  12. I need to swap my auto hubs out.

    I need to know any ideas on what i shoud switch my auto hubs on my 94 ranger xlt 4x4 out with? I know warn makes a kit but i was wondering if there was any better ones to use. And also i want a just a 3 in lift but i was wondering if a suspension lift was much beter then a body or it doesnt...
  13. Ranger Edge long travel input please

    What's up everyone. First actual post in TRS (aside from that inroduction page). Anyways, I've got a stock 05 ranger edge 2wd. As most of you know, the edge's came factory "lifted". But Im considering trying to fabricate my own long travel suspension system. I'm looking for ideas or people...
  14. BlueRanger93

    Lifting my 1993 2wd ranger

    ok guys im stuck. i bought a 2wd ranger i got it for a great price for the condition, :offtopic: but anyways i want to lift it and im not quiet sure what im doing as far as the lift kit. there was a 4x4 ranger that was lifted i just happened to see a few days ago so i bought the kit off it. ive...
  15. GotBronco-itus?

    Compenents for lift??

    I have a 87 Bronco II, its all stock. I was wondering if I could just put 3 inch blocks in the back, get new 4 inch coils in the front and new 3-4 inch shocks? Do I need anything else for this?
  16. morgan946

    pics of double lift with 33's

    hey my name is morgan cummins and i have a 3" body lift on my 2002 ford ranger with 33/12.5/15 mickey thompson mtz's. and i was wanting to know if anyone had pics of a double lifted truck with 33's?
  17. 94 ranger liftin questions.

    im 15 im getting my dads 94 ranger for my birthday, and i want to lift it. i know some stuff about cars and trucks as far as engines go, but i dont know jack squat about lift kits or any of that. but its a 1994 ranger 4x4 and i was thinking about 3 inches of both suspension and body lift, and...
  18. Superlift 3.5-4" lift help!

    I am not to sure exactly where the front I-beam brackets are supposed to be mounted. Super Lift instructions are half as**d and I cant figure this out...Would anyone have images or and idea of where exactly to mount these brackets. Also I am not sure where the Super Lift traction bar brackets...
  19. 1st time prepping my 2WD truck for offroading

    Im new here, so bare with me ;o) I have a stock 08 Ranger Sport, with factory rims and tires.... Ive worned out the suspension and the tires are done... I figured might as well get the 30's BFG M/T i wanted. My delema is that I need to replace the shocks ASAP, i thought of getting the FABTECH...
  20. redneck lift kit

    hi i have a 95 ranger reg cab 4x4 i dont have much money so i am looking for the most easy'st simple cheap way to lift my truck so i can clear some mudders.

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