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  1. Instrument cluster turns on and off while driving.

    Well title says it. My instrument cluster goes on and off while driving. Here's a link to videos and photos I took of it: . When it goes into this mode the turn signals, brights, gas gauge, tps warning all work fine. Otherwise nothing else works. Outside of the instrument cluster everything...
  2. 1986 Bronco II Instrument Panel Dummy lights

    Just picked up a Bronco II (2.9 5 speed, 2wd) which I had to do a lot of reassembly. Unfortunately, the overlay for the dummy lights is missing. Could someone please identify these for me so I don't ignore the oil pressure light thinking its the seatbelt light! There are 8 divided sections on...
  3. xX_STX_Xx

    Need Urgent Help!!

    I'm in the middle of tryin to fix my instrument cluster because my needle in my speedometer is goin crazy, my gauges arent working except for the fuel, the bulbs are no longer turning on, and im throwing tools and i fear for the garages safety. Does anyone have any ideas? idk whats wrong the...
  4. 01 Sport Trac Instrument Cluster in 95 Ranger - Wiring Diagram for either?

    I swapped out my bad cluster without tach with a good condition Sport Trac cluster with tach. Everything works without issue except for the tach. It will show proper idle rpms, but will not go above 2000 or so. I spoke with a mechanic and he stated that the tach needed a ground cable...

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