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ignition coil

  1. Forlorn

    Bronco II Ignition Coil wire fallen off and won't start?

    Hello! So I recently picked up a 1985 Ford bronco 2 2.8l v6 as more of a project vehicle I can learn from. Either way, used to run, but now it doesn't after I gave it a tuneup lol so I'm trying to track down what got it not starting, So, I've checked for spark on sparkplugs got em, got...
  2. Freshly bought 88

    I just bought an 88 Ford Ranger XLT 4x4 Automatic (2.9) When I bought it on Wednesday it ran really well. I decided I was still going to change the oil, transmission fluid, filters, and ignition coil. (They replaced everything else.. wires, distributor, plugs) but left the old coil. I did all...
  3. 85 Ranger Spitting & Sputtering

    I have an 85 ranger 2wd with the 2.3L in it and I've been having problems with it for awhile. It was running good and then all of a sudden it started spitting and sputter, so I changed the plugs, wires with motorcraft, and replaced the IAC, it ran good for a day or two and started acting up...

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