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  1. stamina

    how much preload on hydraulic lifters 2.9

    every shop manual and chiltons/haynes manual states 1 1/2 turns after zero lash but other people have stated otherwise, what is the proper preload for these lifters! just finished pulling the heads and doing new lifters + valves, seals, springs, and pushrods and i don’t know what to believe LOL
  2. Acgallen

    302/ZF5 Swapped Ranger Hydraulic Problems

    Hello TRS, hopefully ya'll can save my ass at least one more time. Finally got the engine running with no prevalent problems there yet, but when I wanted to move the newly started truck, I wasn't able to put the truck into gear while running. Turned the engine off and pushed through all the...
  3. Ranger T-5 swap with mustang hydraulic throw out bearing

    I have a 2003 5.0 ranger edge. I swapped in the T5 and used an older ranger master cylinder and universal slave. To use the older ranger master I had to drill holes through the firewall to mount it since the 98+ rangers master snaps into the pedal assembly itself. That lasted awhile but it...

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