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  1. will.moyer

    Horn, Crusie control

    So i have an issue i dont know if im reading it right but in some of the diagrams ive seen the horn and cruise control wiring run through the radio fuse... and nether of them work and i well you need a horn to pass inspection, the only problem is the fuse for radio is doesn't work as i have...
  2. 2000 Power Mirrors are Dead.

    Just spent the afternoon putting a new drivers side mirror in. I'm sure I got all the connections right. But, no movement from either the new mirror or old passenger side mirror, which was working fine. Does anyone know the number/location of the fuse for the power windows? That's where I'd...
  3. Truck Won't Start

    Hey guys, I have a 1985 Ford Ranger 2.3L 2WD. I've disconnected the red cable in the battery and I've replaced the water pump. I put everything back together and re-attached the red battery cable to the battery. I turned my key half way, the lights came up, and when I turned to start the...
  4. Emergency Brake/ABS Lights Issue

    Hi I'm new to this site and have questions concerning my '93 Ranger. I'm female and invariably feel mechanics are pushing their luck with me about what's wrong with my truck. Since I'm not a mechanic I've joined this site to learn more about the problems I'm experincing w/my truck. My Ranger's...
  5. Weird Problem

    HELP! I have a 2001 Ford Ranger Edge edition; it has the 4.0 V6 and a standard transmission. Just recently I have had a problem with some of the lights. The problems are: I have no light in the rear when I put the transmission in reverse. The other problem is when I hit the brakes, the...
  6. need a 2003 ranger fuse panel diagram

    I need to figure out what size fuses I need where. can anyone post a diagram of the fuse panel for a 3.0L 2003 ranger?

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