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fuel lines

  1. How to: Install inline/high pressure fuel pump (86 ranger 2.3 gas)

    Hi there Truck: 1986 Ford Ranger, 2.3L 4cyl gas, 2WD (Her names Eileen) She spits and sputters and idles rough when it is warm out. Runs slightly better in milder temperatures. Also smells like gas all the time. My first suspect was the fuel pump, as I have changed the pressure regulator and...
  2. 4.0 Conversion Fuel Line Help!

    Converting a 89 BII to 92 Exp. The fuel lines for the explorer are female, so my dad decided to cut them from another Explorer (we don't have a donor vehicle) and cut them right after the male connector behind the fuel filter. now we have a problem of transferring the male of the Explorer to the...
  3. Fuel Lines/intake/head gaskets

    Doing head gaskets on my 94 Ranger 3.0 and I have to remove the intake to get them off, in order to remove the intake i have to disconnect the fuel lines, now I know it takes a special disconnect tool (which i have) and I've used them before to do a fuel tank, however on these lines it doesn't...
  4. BroncoII Fuel Line Leak??????

    I have a ? about the fuel line that runs to the fuel pressure regulator. Mine is leaking fuel out of it and i was wondering if there is an o ring inside that can be replaced or if i have to buy a new fuel line. If anyone knows anything about this i sure would love some help lol thanks.
  5. fuel lines

    Can i run my stock fuelines and barbs from a 89 2.3 motor to a carb 5.0 swap or are they to small and i have a return style regulator. Or is there a way to get bigger bars like 3/8" to match up with my regulator? pictures would be great!
  6. Never done a swap, trans issues?

    Donor vehicle: 92 Ford Exploder, 4.0, Automatic everything, Push Button 4x4 The Patient: 85 Ford Bronco II, 2.8L carbed, 4spd w/OD, manual everything. Am I going to buy a new clutch? And if my understanding is correct, I have the M50D-R1 transmission, right? So it should bolt right up eh...

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