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extended cab

  1. spaceranger

    Long time listener first time caller.

    Been hanging around these forums since high school when I had my first truck, Isabella, a '96 4-banger ranger. Lean mean indestructible machine. Been looking for a square body for years and finally just grabbed an '86 V6 Extended Cab 4x4 from Georgia. Drove it 14 hours up the coast to the cold...
  2. Hello there!

    Hi, all. Yesterday I bought a 1994 Ranger XLT SuperCab 4x4 with the 4.0 V6 and a 5-speed. I'm pretty pumped about it, especially since it's absolutely identical to my first vehicle, except that was an automatic trans and I always wanted the stick shift anyway. Side note: never sell your first...
  3. New member in Roanoke Va

    Hello All, I am new to the site but have owned my 94 Ranger XLT for 15 years after inheriting it from the original owner, my Dad. Needless to say the truck has alot of sentimental value and is in great shape having only done 135K miles. The only major plan is to swap to a five speed once the...
  4. MrTachyon

    My 94 Ranger 2WD

    Hi, I'm new to this site. I will keep a running record of all the mods that I do to my ranger on this forum. Here is a picture of my truck the day that I got it. That was a little over a year ago.
  5. help with sub box

    i have 2 kicker l5 12" subs and i was wanting some design plans for a dual 12" ported box. i want to be able to move my seat and tilt it abit. thanks
  6. 2 door vrs 4 door

    I have a 2000 extended cab (4 doors). I need to replace the front drivers door. Will the door off a regular 2000 ranger fit? Any help is appreciated. I was going g to buy it, but need to know if it will fit.
  7. Shallow Mount Subwoofer

    Hey there, Im lookin to put a sub in my extended cab. For the place im looking to put it (between the jump seats) im going to need a shallow mount sub ethier a 10 or 8 inch. I'm not looking for anything that would destroy my ears but just some thing that would give me a decent thump. So my...
  8. amgamber34's 1997 Ex.Cab

    Well heres my build thread. I've been looking around on this site for awhile now and I finally got a couple pictures to show. It's Not much but its my pride and joy. Still waiting to take better pics. So far it's totally stock other than removing my mudflaps and alittle window tint. Some parts...

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