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engine fail

  1. 95 4.0L V6 Dies after idle and occasionally at low speed/rpm

    The main problem is that the engine immediately cuts after starting, to counteract I give it gas up to around 2000rpm for a minute or so then it is good to drive. I drive it for ~10 mins to work and it'll die when I take my foot off the throttle and/or do a low-speed turn. I can "fix it" by...
  2. need help guys.

    Ok guys I need your help...I have had my ford ranger 1994 4.0l for over 2 years now sweet truck until last couple of months. Ran good until about 6months ago the truck would miss/buck/no power/run shitty.it would buck and miss once on the highway. Then it's Ben getting worse and worse now it's...
  3. Bish0psaid

    95 ford ranger stalls out

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYEpb00ZtmM Please tell me what you think?!?!?! I need help with this and all these truck owners with a 2.3L generation 3 ranger!

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