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need help guys.


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Feb 6, 2015
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ford ranger 4.0
Ok guys I need your help...I have had my ford ranger 1994 4.0l for over 2 years now sweet truck until last couple of months. Ran good until about 6months ago the truck would miss/buck/no power/run shitty.it would buck and miss once on the highway. Then it's Ben getting worse and worse now it's bucks/misses/no power anywhere I go I half to press the gas peddle just a little bit to get anywhere. Had the truck ran for code it says it's running in limp mode. Starts up fine in the morning go to Wall-Mart start it back up and runs like shit wants to stall and miss like hell and back. Did compression check all cylinders get about 145-160 5and6 get 120.no milky oil/blue smoke.Iv changed plugs,wires,maf,tps,o2sensors,fuel pump, fuel filter, crank sensor, and my gas is shit 2 days barley driving through town 16 dollars. I need help guys??? Is it time for rebuild or new motor?????!!!!! getting codes.....137-411-167-998.could this have to do with what is causing my engine to miss/buck/no power/run shitty??????????? I have changed tps but code always stays.137 mean bank 1 is to rich. But I have changed both o2 sensors... I want my truck to run good help me ranger lovers. thanks Jacob.. :sad:

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