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  1. Absolutely horrible MPGs

    I couldnt find hardly if any similar issue elsewhere on the forum. I have an 87 XLT with a 2.9...in the neighborhood i get around 10 mpg, i never do highway because of the remote area i live in. the engine has over 400k miles on it so its not so surprising. the engine has always had this issue...
  2. 2000 Ranger 2.5 17mpg HELP!

    have been searching for fuel economy tips and was shocked to see some of the reported mileage here! I have an '00 Ranger with a 2.5 and auto trans. that consistently get 17mpg. I have 90k on it with a brand new transmission, new plugs/wires, new fuel filter and air filter, new control arms, new...
  3. terrible fuel economy and no power

    hey i have a 1992 ranger 2wd 4L and yesterday i whent though a quarter tank driving 47 km's. when i start it in the morning it always tries to stall and the only way to keep it running is to hold it at 2k rpm. the gas peddle seems to be alot stiffer lately aswell. when im at a stop sign the...

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