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  1. Idles rough after 10min and P0174 & P0171

    Hey everyone, im having trouble trying to figure out whats wrong with my truck. It is a 99 ranger with a 4.0. I have had the codes P0171 & P0174 now for awhile and it does this weird idle like its flooding after about 10-20min, I have had to reless fuel pressure a couple times when it was hot...
  2. KevinSonOfDad

    CEL HELP Finally got my check engine light fixed... unfortunately its on :/

    Figured before i dig super deep i may as well list the codes i have and see if any of yall have had similar problems and what your fixes were (also to help people in the future with similar problems rather than just googling it on my own) KOEO (Key On Engine Off): 121 Indicates Throttle...
  3. DavisRanger

    Idle’s good, missing under load

    I just recently did a complete rebuild on my 2.9L. Almost everything under the hood is new. The truck idles great, but when under a load it’s missing at low speeds (lower rpm), but doesn’t miss at higher RPM’s. I removed the cats because they were clogged and put in a straight pipe. Never...
  4. 1995 ABS Light stays on

    I have a 95 2WD manual, OBDII connection with an ABS light that stays on. Checked the fluid level and all is good there. In the hopes of a quick fix I replaced the sensor on the differential. OBD port is useless to check codes as my reader will only go back to 1996 for ABS codes. Any ideas...
  5. 87. Blues

    Ive puchased a 86/...or87 depends on if you go by tube door fenders or the paper work ...man i lucked up on this no rust dings dents .....or not a tear in the cloth seats ....pretty lil baby blue truck.its a 2.9. V6. Automatic i had it about 2mnths ....and couldn't ask for a better truck but now...
  6. Check Engine Codes

    Anyone know how to retrieve the codes for the Check Engine light? 1990 B ll 2.9L Manual
  7. 84bluebronco2

    CEL Code Help

    94 Explorer XLT, 4.0, M5OD, BW1354M Got around to pulling my codes today. Truck runs, but choppy under hard throttle (3k area and higher), and smells incredibly rich. KOEO: 337 - EGR position sensor above max voltage Continuous Memory: 181 - Adaptive fuel limit reached part throttle right...
  8. Flashing codes OBD-1

    Hey, heard you can flash OBD-1 codes using a paper clip? I've already got a code reader on the way but it won't be here til after the weekend and I had been hoping to be able to flash the codes before then, I don't really know- I've been spoiled with a code reader at the tech school I attend so...
  9. stevealvey24

    Need help please!!

    I have a 86 with a 2.9 a4ld 4x4. It has a 89 computer on it to delete the egr. But I need help with the three codes it threw. Codes 95, 14, and 29. I know they are for the vss, fuel pump circuit, and erratic pip signal. Any help or advice on figuring these codes out would be greatly appreciated...

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