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  1. 2.3L ('83-'97) 2.3 won't charge past 12.5V

    Hey all, so this is going to sound like the obvious answer is a bad voltage regulator, but it has been far more confusing of a problem and I finally decided to stop and ask for some help. I have a 1991 ranger that came with the 2.3 stock. I have swapped the engine for the 2.3 turbo from an 88...
  2. Tach and volt meter not working, charging system not charging.

    Purchased 1994 3.0 4X4 at really good price 118k org miles. Volt gauge is constantly below 8 volts (needle appears to be bottomed out) and tach is not working. Replaced 7 year old batt and installed reman alt and belt, replace battery cables and cleaned and or replaced ground straps, still not...
  3. Alternator/charging questions

    Hi gents, hopefully I have the right section for this. Replace my alternator a few days ago after the battery light came on. Replaced the alternator the battery light turned off. 2 days later (last night) I noticed my dash lights getting really dim. withing 5 minutes of that, the truck lost all...
  4. 2002 4.0L charging problems

    I've read a lot of posts on this and other sites regarding testing and troubleshooting my Ranger's charging problems but I'm stumped. What happened and what I did: The truck sat for a few weeks and when I last drove it, the battery light was on and the voltmeter was way below normal. I turned...
  5. Battery light on-1999 ranger 4 cylinder

    Hi everyone, i have searched the forum for threads on this topic and have not found any,so forgive me if this topic has been covered already. I recently noticed that when my engine goes above 3000 rpm, the battery light would flicker. Eventually, it started staying on (solid light as opposed...
  6. meskater132

    New Battery Sounds dead

    my new( new to me) bronco II sounds like it has a dead battery everytime i start it. it will start just sounds like its about to die. i replaced the battery and terminal clamps still does the same thing. any answers on what may be wrong is my starter going out? :bawling:
  7. intermittent charging problem

    Since I got the truck a few months ago I've had a charging problem, where sometimes the volts would read low, the rear antilock brakes light would come on and i'd lose turn signals. The alternator had recently been replaced so before i go replacing parts i wanted to make sure i knew what the...

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