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  1. Reaper1354

    Dual exhaust questions for the 97 4.0

    So I currently have the stock exhaust on my 1997 ranger 4.0 supercab. I have several questions if others don't mind answering them. If I get aftermarket cats, would I need 2 or would 1 be able to work and still pass inspection? If I want dual exhaust would i be able to run it off both sides or...
  2. bourcier700

    Catalytic Converter Swap Question

    Just bought a 1997 4.0 ranger, while fixing an exhaust leak I found that both converters are leaking/have holes. I have a parts truck that is a 1995 2.3 with good converter on it, my question is can I use that converter on the 4.0 or are they different any help or advice would be awesome.
  3. Single Rear Catalytic Converter for a 1998 3.0L - where to buy?

    Hi, My '98 XLT 3.0l appears to have three catalytic converters - 1 in each downpipe, and one immediately behind where the two downpipes join. Under the hood it says this is California emissions. The flange at the rear of the rear cat has disintegrated, and I doubt it will last through the...

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