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  1. Can't find y pipe replacement

    I have 98 3.0 4x4. My y pipe has a split at the junction. Sick of patching it every couple months and i need to replace it. My problem is my y pipe has no cats. I only have the 2 after the y pipe. Has 3 o2 sensors 2 on the y and 1 after the double cat. The y pipe looks stock and it runs fine, so...
  2. JimRummy

    Shaking - Engine? Cat? Something else?

    Recently on a return trip from Santa Barbara CA (I live in LA) I was driving up a large grade, and had some very serious shaking, and loss of power. Normally I hit this hill at about 75, and end up slowing to 65 by the time I reach the top. This was not possible due to traffic, and I was only...
  3. thebigyellowtruck

    97 ranger cat replacement

    im replacing my cat and i was wondering if i could use this [url]http://www.summitracing.com/parts/WLK-15038/[url] without having any problems. it says it is for a vehicle up to 6000 lbs. I'm putting on this cat back system too. [url]http://www.summitracing.com/parts/WLK-17320/[url] can i have...

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