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  1. need pistons asap

    My 2.8 is at the machine shop and i want to push a performance piston. :3gears: where do i buy anything for my 2.8? i have already seen the 2.8 performance page on here. but i can't find pistons. i need something asap. :pray: any help[ please!?!
  2. 1986 Ford Bronco II problems and solutions

    i have a 1986 ford bronco 2 xlt and just yesterday the power window system on the passenger side of the truck have stoped working. i can hear a clicking noise when i give it power, but it just does not want to roll up. Does anyone know what this could be?:shok::shok:
  3. 1988 b2 98 explorer 4.0 swap.

    Hey everybody. Just a question about anti theft. I have a 1998 ford explorer for parts. It came from a friend that owns a tow company. It was a impounded vehicle with a busted ignition. I wanted to convert a 88 b2 with the drive train from this explorer. The explorer won't run because the...
  4. will.moyer

    b2 lift

    alright ive heard from friends who have b2s that i can take explorer and jeep parts to lift my b2 although none of them did that so if anybody can help me with the list of parts and vehicles i could possibly pull them off of that would be awesome
  5. will.moyer

    bronco 2 paint and body work

    :headbang:Ok so I need some help my b2 is the blue and white color I paid 700$ for it and it needs some serious body work. I want to paint it flat black and keep my white middle and get the blue and white stripes back and place them in the same spot as they were I have never seen a b2 like this...
  6. hatch

    I was wondering if anybody has ever replaced there rear hatch with the window that doesent open to a rear hatch with a opening window. any ideas or suggestions.

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