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bolt pattern

  1. Mrtin

    new flywheel problems

    Hey folks. I'm installing a new flywheel on my 1992 2wd 2.3l liter manual R1. I am having great trouble lining up the flywheel. I can get at most four out of six bolts in place. I started to wonder if maybe I had a flywheel with a staggered bolt pattern. I double checked the parts number I...
  2. xX_STX_Xx

    85 dodge D150 Lug pattern

    Hey guys, a buddy of mine jus got a dodge D150 and is needing to know the wheel bolt pattern and its currently under some maintenance to say the least so we cant go measure it. Now i heard they can be 5x4.5 like a ranger or 5x5.5 Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

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