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axel swap

  1. Lefty

    Should I buy this rear axel for my 2003 Ranger Edge?

    At long last, I found what could be a good deal on an explorer rear axel. The ad reads. "Complete rear axle assembly out of a 2000 Ford Explorer-3.73 ratio,Trac-Loc Posi, with rotors and calipers These are getting hard to find…Approximately 59 3/4” from rotor face to rotor face 31 spline...
  2. Nax6401

    Where can I find code 89 axel.

    I am trying to build a 4x2 ranger as an off road truck and I have gotten bigger tires. I have on now 30 inch tire and feel no power in 5th gear.. my first thought is to swap in a different axel or at least the gears.. I am trying to find axel code 89 and was wondering if anyone knew what...

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