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air intake

  1. Some Performance Issues and Other Questions

    Hey folks, Just cruised around the Corral and Ranger Station some and saw some of the info under the 2.9 Engine. I figure now is as good a time as any to ask some questions about some 'problems' that I've been having as well as ask for advice on a few other things. First of all, I have a 1990...
  2. xX_STX_Xx

    Air intake on 2.9L.. Worth it or not??

    Hey, guys, whats up. I have an 87 Ranger STX, 2.9L bored .20 over. i was reading through the tech forums and i saw the air intake topic. Is it worth removing the air box? will i get the promised 10hp increase from K&N? This would greatly help!! Oh and by the way, half the reason i asked is...
  3. jlb0716

    Running Lean

    about a year or so ago I fabricated a cold/ram air intake with parts I purchased at autozone. since then my check engine light has been on and its because the engine is running lean at terminal 1, which is the O2 sensor before the cat. has anyone else had this issue? Im trying to decide if i...

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