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95 ranger

  1. 2.3L ('83-'97) 95 Ranger Starts Then Stalls

    My name is cody. i have a 95 ford ranger 2.3 4cyl manual ranger. recently it has sat for 2 months to get my exhaust straight piped and to delete egr and dpfe. upon putting everything back together the ranger will not keep running, new fuel pump, pressure reg, and filter. new coil packs plugs and...
  2. Bish0psaid

    My 95 Ranger stalls out

    My name is Sean and I have a huge problem....my 95 will start up with no problem, but it revs up and back down then up and back down then I give it a little gas and it sounds like it doesn't want to go....I'll take it around the block at the first stop sign it Putts then stalls out....I can fire...

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