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5 speed manual

  1. Gear shift assembly and linkage.

    Hey guys I. Having issues with my shifter. Th where it is so worn down that it is b o uncong around in my shifter. It locked up and I called a transmission guy who said my linkage was broken I opened it up and I saw what he is talking about. The ball is just bouncing around in the sleeve it...
  2. GodisKing

    New 1989 Ranger 4x4

    Hello, I’m new to the Ranger world, just picked up a 1989 Ford Ranger Custom, 5 speed 4x4 regular cab, 2.3, short bed. I’d like to know what transmission I have specifically what transmission fluid I need to use. I’m not much of a mechanic but learning! blessings,
  3. RustRatz

    5 speed 1992 Ford Ranger - Hydraulic Clutch line pains

    I had to pull the hydraulic clutch line when I pulled my engine/transmission and I can’t seem to get it back into place. Any ideas?
  4. 84dangerranger

    New member!! From NC

    Hey everyone! Im Nick and i recently received my grandfather’s 84 2.0 5 speed that was left to me. Its a great truck in amazing condition and i plan on throw a bit better motor in it. Someday but for now its a crusier. Im definitely curious to learn more about these year trucks!
  5. 1992redranger

    Wanted In search of: 89–92 Ranger, 2.3L 4CYL, 5 speed manual, 2WD

    Hey hey! I got a motor, transmission, and rear end ready to go into a 89-92 Ranger (2.3L 4CYL, 5 speed manual, 2WD). I'm in search of a straight body Ranger (89-92) with these specs with blown engine, bad transmission, etc. Any leads would be much appreciated! Western North Carolina area...
  6. 1992redranger

    What will a 2.3L 4CYL motor, 5 speed manual transmission, 2WD rear end go into?

    Hey y'all, As a result of the flooding earlier this week in Haywood County, NC, the electrical system of my '92 Ranger is done (and so is the truck). My mechanic (who rebuilt the engine) told me that if I wanted to do anything at this point, I could take the motor (2.3L 4CYL), transmission (5...
  7. 1992redranger

    2.3L ('83-'97) Need to replace my 1992 Ranger engine: 2.3 L, 4 cylinder, 5-speed, floor shifter

    Hello! It's my first time to the forum :) I need to replace the engine on my newly-acquired 1992 Ford Ranger: 2.3 L, 4 cylinder, 5-speed, floor shifter. When looking for replacement (used) engines, do I have to match all these specs (1992, 2.3 L, 4 cylinder, 5-speed, floor shifter) or can...
  8. 2.3L ('83-'97) Losing power at 3300 rpm

    Hey guys need some advice. I’ve been lossing power at around 3300 rpms pretty consistently. Happens most at highway speed but parked in neutral if I rev up past 3000 it does the same thing. It hits a wall and loses all power. Changed fuel filter been throwing in a bunch of fuel cleaners. Cleaned...
  9. I want to lift my ‘86 2wd w/ Manual Steering HELP

    So here’s my dilemma. I own a 1986 Ford Ranger with the 2.3l and 5spd manual. I want to put a cheapo rough country lift for aesthetic purposes and maybe do some beach cruising. However, my truck has manual steering which RC says will not work with their kit because P/S and M/S have different...
  10. 3.0L Engine Mounts

    I recently purchased a very nice 2000 ranger xlt super cab, I love it!!! But... the engine mounts/ vibration dampeners are bad and the engine and transmission move A LOT. When I hit a bump on the freeway I can feel the engine and trans move side to side way more than normal. I have the...
  11. speedometer noise and jumping

    So at about 55 my speedo gets really noisy and the needle jumps around 15-20 over actual speed. any suggestions? thanks! '94 2.3l 5 speed.
  12. My only truck has an intermittent timing problem. 2.3 liter, 1993, 2 wheel drive, 5sp

    My daily driver has an intermittent problem that is seemingly ignition or timing related. I can start it up and drive it around just fine most days but sometimes it acts like it jumped time then for no reason starts running right again sometimes within a minute sometimes not for hours. It...

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