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  1. Bronco 2 sas

    I want to do a 4bt bronco 2. I know that this engin ways up to 800 lbs not including the extras and transmission. What are the best axels to swap to handle the weight and what extras will I need to buy for the swap and what would I need to fabricate. Also would I need to box in the frame to...
  2. 4BT Swap in 99 4x4 (offroad edition)

    UPDATE: Re-thinking things quite a bit recently. Actually thinking IFS is going to be better, but don't know all that much about IFS under heavy weight. Ok, for starters I threw the "offroad edition" in as a joke, because that adds what, a chrome bumper? Introduction: I'm a ~20 year old...
  3. 4bt swap?

    Alright so I've been dancing around this idea for a while. But I ain't looked into it too much. But i have the money put back now to do this swap.So what would be the pro's and con's of swapping my tired 2.9 with a 4bt Cummins. Weight is not going to be a problem Ive done a solid front axle swap...
  4. 4bt Ranger

    hello I am trying to do a ranger 4bt rebuild. I have a 4bt and a nv4500 tranny out of a dodge 2500. I am thinking about putting my 1979 ford 150 front and rear axles. what is it going to take to make this happen. will the axles be a good match? will the factory radiator work on the engine?

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