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  1. Help understanding my Ford Sport 4x4 history.

    So I got this 2010 ford ranger sport 4x4 or as the sticker on the door it says "level 2". Anyway the truck has manual locks and roll down windows but on the ford 2010 brochure it said the sport 4x4 comes with power windows and locks. I am confused as to if the doors are original or it was just a...
  2. barrys

    Fog lights come on after ignition turned off -- not kidding...

    But seriously folks... I noticed my fog lights were on after I got out of my truck. Headlights were not on, keys in pocket. Etc... I read up on how they work. I was able to get them to come on once when wiggling the switch with the ignition on and the lights off. They do come on when they are...
  3. Replace side mirror on 2010 Ranger

    I scoured the web for a tutorial on how to change the side mirror on a 2010 Ford Ranger, but could not find one. The only screw I see is a single phillips screw within the door handle, I don't know what to do beyond that as it won't come off (which is a good thing, IMO!) Thanks!
  4. Body Lift

    i have a 2010 Ranger are there any body lift kits available yet i'd like a 3in back and 4in in the front

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