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1992 ranger

  1. [HELP WANTED] 1992 Ford Ranger Questions / Introduction

    Hello, Good Day.. I am newly registered to the forums although I have been browsing it for quite some time. Very grateful of the community here. I have a 1992 Ford Ranger, was my first vehicle I purchased and it came with a lift already.. I had never owned a truck like this before and I have...
  2. 1992 Ford Ranger swap to 1984 Mustang SVO

    Hey there, I recently bought a 1992 Ford Ranger 2WD, 2.3 4cyl, standard five speed. After driving it for about a month I noticed a lack of power and brought it to my mechanic. Long story short, he told me that I was out a cylinder and would have to do a rebuild in order to get it into good...

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