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1989 bronco ii

  1. New from South FL. 1989 Ford Bronco II

    Was in the FS Bronco club for a few months, but I decided that was too much truck for me. I sold it and bought this B2 that I found locally on offerup. 78k miles, new engine with 1100 miles on it, new clutch, and overall great shape. Needs a little work here and there, but drives great and is...
  2. 4.0 Wiring Help

    89 B2 with 92 Exploder engine. When key is turned, the starter does not engage, and the check oil pressure light comes on. Could it be that the truck is completely miswired, or that the oil sensor is trashed? Help?
  3. 1989 BII 2.9- 1992 Explorer Wiring Help!

    Well, as the title states, I need help with the wiring and vacuum hoses to complete the swap. I have not seen an 89-92 conversion but has anyone else done this with the same model years, if so, please help!

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