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  1. Warner Gear 1350 -1354 Manual found

    I came across this manual while searching the web. Thought others would find it useful too. BW 1350 and 1354 https://drive.google.com/file/d/17C331PrWNfkvQOGyJ12Hrf3gQ_YnzobV/view?usp=sharing The link was found on this page https://www.car-repairmanual.com/transmission/
  2. BW 1350 Electronic Shift Troubleshooting

    I have been going through my wiring on a '86 BII and got to the point where I was checking the 8-pin connector from Pin 8- Y/W to Pins 4-7. I am showing "Open" on all pins. I went through this multiple times to confirm "Open" at all resistance settings on my multi-meter (.01 ohm-20000 ohms)...

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