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  1. wcurtin1962

    Finally. A permanent power steering whine fix!

    I tried a in line transmission oil filter, no luck.
  2. wcurtin1962

    94 Ranger Power Steering/Manual Steering Gear Box Interchange

    Are there any differences in interchange between a power steering, manual steering gear boxes for 2WD 92-94 Rangers?
  3. wcurtin1962

    2.3L ('83-'97) Need Upper Passenger Side Motor Mount For 94 2300 Manual transmission Transmission

    The metal bracket between the top of the rubber mount and the engine block. I posted on Carparts.Com and got basic spam replies. I'll check again Friday. Thanks for the info. Worst case scenario I'll take the pieces into one of our better welding shops and see if they can do anything with it.
  4. wcurtin1962

    2.3L ('83-'97) In cabin fuel pressure gauge

    Fuel Pressure Sender Tap I know 3/8 is too big, just an example of whats out there. Gauge Pod Something else that may come in handy.
  5. wcurtin1962

    1991 2.3L crank won't start, EEC draining battery dead

    Also try pulling the fuel pump relay and cranking it. If it tries to run or pops you could have a leaking fuel injector. If so unplug the injectors one at a time and if the engine runs, that's the bad one.
  6. wcurtin1962

    1991 2.3L crank won't start, EEC draining battery dead

    If your battery has water caps you can test each cell by placing the positive lead tip into the acid the negative to ground. Look for a balance in the readings cell to cell. A dead cell will be lower or zero volts.
  7. wcurtin1962

    Anyone tried a resonator exhaust tip?

    I have been wanting to add a resonator extending the exhaust outlet to the back bumper to get rid of that irritating poof poof sound I can hear thru the rear window. But I don't think there's enough space to keep the heat from the resonator from burning up the spare tire.
  8. wcurtin1962

    Company 23 2300 Timing Belt Tools

    I have purchased 3 tools from this company for servicing the timing belt and seals on my ranger. They are excellent quality and at a fair price. http://www.company23.com/products/fordtools The axle tool in this link is for Merkurs not Rangers. They all are on Amazon as well.
  9. wcurtin1962

    Purge solenoid lines routing

    I have a 94, the ford manual shows the hose going to the throttle body, but I can't find a connection point. I guess I'll find it when I remove the throttle body to clean it.
  10. wcurtin1962

    Just wondering

    In my case no thanks, but you could try looking up 2300 performance sites.
  11. wcurtin1962

    Intermittent Rough Idle

    Check your motor mounts. When mine failed the engine was resting directly on the frame.
  12. wcurtin1962

    94 Ranger DIS Module Bolts

    Will its a 5.5mm. 774-13055 NAPA stock number if anyone needs one.
  13. wcurtin1962

    Most reliable Ranger configuration?

    I have a 94 2300/5 speed. With 230,000+ miles it still has the oem water pump and the engine has never been opened. The engine electronics are starting to show their age and I have started to replace them. With my Ranger the only problems I have had is the rear axle got noisy at 90,000 miles. I...

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