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  1. ugltrk

    purge valve/ charcoal canister fix

    Between the canister, and the purge valve, did it because of cost of canister.
  2. ugltrk

    purge valve/ charcoal canister fix

    Had a purge valve code, pulled and cleaned, ran for a short time, did it again. Went to a local flea market and saw a small fuel filter($1) blew thru it , very little resistance, installed between the canister and valve...all was well, that was 2001...guess what, started doing the same...
  3. ugltrk

    Soeedo swap

    1996 3.0 5sp Ranger...I am in the process of swapping out the instrument cluster (96 Explorer w/tach) Will the speedo from the Ranger fit the Explorer cluster, that way I can just replace the gear on the trip odometer, without the hassle of resetting the mileage to match the old unit. Thanks Bill
  4. ugltrk

    lube for 5 speed

    The book that came with the truck says, Mercon ATF. It was recomended in another thread, not to use the "V" suffex because ti is too slippery, and will cause problems. My question, is it OK to use synthetic ATF? (1996 5 SPEED.) Shifting into 1st is stiff at times, all other gears shift OK...
  5. ugltrk

    Dome Light

    At the risk of sounding like a dummy, 1996 Ranger supercab....Where the heck is the switch that makes the dome light come on when you open the door? Could it be the time delay relay, if so,where is it? Could it be the outside door handle? Thanks...Bill
  6. ugltrk

    When to change plugs

    1996 Ranger Supercab W/ 86,000 book says to change @ 30,000 also states 100,000 tuneup, pulled one from each side to check condition both looks good, the step at the tip is still good, no burn/deposits. Also some models I'm told use different #s on right/left side (wanted to check that), same #s...

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