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  • they told me at superlift ,that i didnt need to change anything that everything would work ,hmm,should have realized it when i had to have 30in brake lines made,right
    thanks b2 i will put the other camber sleeve back in and take the zeros back out and try one more time ,good thing i put anti sieze on them,will get some pics out on here ,if i can get them out of my phone ,
    hey. you said that when you did the explorer dash swap the gauges and blinkers wernt acting rite. where was the ground wire you found? thanks
    I don't know if the message I sent transferred or not, so I will just ask for the info. a second time. On my 86' Ranger, my camber is out on the R. side just a little more than one shop said they could set, w/ std. equipment. In one of your reply posts earlier this week, you are talking about a kit, or some hardware that is avail. that can give about double of what the standard adjustment hardware can give. Could you please tell me where I can get the so called increased camber adjustment hardware? Thanks for a reply! Tom R. Phinney trphi@msn.com
    reading your response to parkrangerjeromy regarding difference between 4x2 and 4x3 mod 50R D1. I just posted a question similar under 4 bangers and would appreciate if you could take a look at it
    Thank Fords4ever
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