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    Swappable interior parts

    I used to drive an Olds Eighty-Eight beer can, I know how that is... Headliner had separated and was hanging down in my face, so I ripped it out one weekend. I do plan on the insulated interior, thanks for the tip... the three layer deal sounds better than what I was gonna use. The music should...
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    Swappable interior parts

    My 98 XLT std cab 2dr Ranger has some interior issues I'd like to fix.. I know the Explorer and Mountaineer have stuff that will swap in, do any Lincolns, etc have stuff that swaps as well? Getting in my mid fifties and looking to build a combo luxury/performance jalopy My build up so...
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    need some opinions...98 V8?, or...?

    I recieved a 98 2wd shortbed Ranger a few months ago in a trade. Please forgive me if I've asked before, as I had a stroke sometime ago and don't always remember what I've already asked. I've been to several forums, most say to come here. :icon_idea: Anyway, as I read through here I get the...
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    Building a 98 Ranger with Exploer swap, general questions

    I currently have a 98 Ranger std. cab XLT, with 2.5 engine and 4R44 auto trans. I've been gathering info on this swap for a good while, but I need to make one clear post with all my questions. I am aware much of this info has already been posted here, but due to a stroke a few years ago, a...
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    Explorer engine'trans into 98 Ranger

    I have a 98 Ranger 2WD with the 2.5 automatic, from a recent trade with a friend. Also giving me his 96 Ranger 2WD, both short bed. 96 has no engine but a 5spd trans. I was going to V8 the 96, with a 5.0 and the manual. However, I found out the frame is badly bent in the front end. That truck...
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    Door chime

    How do I disconnect the "door open chime" or whatever it's called, in my '98 Ranger XLT? It's driving me nuttier than I already am. Lol :icon_rofl: