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Mutant Pony
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  • I was wondering what pushrods you used wih your 5.0 rollers. I have the 1.7 crane ford gt rollers and my rods are about .15 to short.
    Hi Mutant Pony, I saw in the tech pages for the 3.0 V6 that you had got 5.0 pedestal rockers to fit on the V6. Was wondering if you had to go with a different size pushrod or any other tricks to get the roller to center on the valve tip? I called Tom Morana after reading the article to ask about the rockers on his website and he said that he discontinued the 1.6 and 1.7 ratio for the 3.0 because nobody was buying them- he still sells the 1.8 ratio, but he didn't think the 5.0 rockers would work. I would like to try a set of 5.0 1.6 ratio on my 3.0, so just wanted to see if there was anything special that you did to get them to line up? also wanted to know if you are still running them on your engine?
    Thanks Much
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