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  • i dont have a build thread. hell i dont have a camera that works.

    i can see the confusion in the sig. never thought about it the way you asked. depending on perspective it is definitely a low rider 4x4.
    not as in frame scraper, but pretty fuggin low to run 44 in tires.

    in its current configuration, it fits in a standard 7' garage door with 42 in iroks. of course that changes with the seasons. i actually am building a bed for it, pretty slow going so really i could have a build thread with something like that.... other things like the dana 60 axle swap was done in about 10 hours one night because i was pissed off about busting another arb equipped 8.8 like 3 times in 4 months.....even if i had a good camera i would not have taken any pics....

    and that is the way it goes....i fix or upgrade shit when i have too. hard to have a build thread with a build plan like that....:) that and i have been driving this truck for over 18 years, and it is my main vehicle.
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