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  • hey I'm hoping you can help I'm running out of options due to my lack of knowledge I have an 1987 ford ranger with a 2.0L it is equipted with a motorcraft (E77E-9510-AA) carb. I am wanting to get rid of the stock carb and replace it with something better such as a weber or holley to get rid of all the vac. lines and just clean up under the hood. Iwas reading your post about 83 ranger carb questions and thought i might have a good start if that is the intake that is already on my truck but not sure cause I thought the carb i have was a 1bbl which may be true but not really sure what I should do from here to put a different carb on please advise me anyway you can thanks so much and if this didnt make sense feel free to ask me anything so you can hopefully give me the answers I'm looking for.
    hey there...i found your post re: a 4banger...i've been think about putting one in my 88b2...did i see that u durasparked yours?...I'm starting to look for a donar rig..any suggestions on which year for donar as ideal? I don't mind even a 2.0..if it's in good shape....we'll be diggin for your posts...I don't even mind a points diz...any idea what puter function I'll loose from my b2 w/o puter?...if i dont use an injected motor that is....I think I'm challenged to make a 4 banger reliable and economicle....I stripped the puter from my 84 ranger.....put in a mallory....JS

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