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  1. Spare tire carrier '97

    Great thanks
  2. Spare tire carrier '97

    I'd like the hinge assembly (1354 in parts diagram)and eye bolt if possible,,let me know what you want for them, and shipping to 53172,, Thanks alot.
  3. Spare tire carrier '97

  4. Spare tire carrier '97

    All I need is the part that hangs down and has 1 bolt that goes to the horizontal bracket,,I'll try to send a picture,I will gladly pay you for it if its what I need, thanks for the quick reply.
  5. Spare tire carrier '97

    << I know its an old post but I'm looking for the hinge plate of a spare tire holder, might you still have one to spare ?
  6. 1997 spare tire under body hinge

    I looked again and only saw the bolts and nutsert.
  7. 1997 spare tire under body hinge

    all I saw was 2 bolts and a nutsert,, I'll look again though, thanks for the quick reply
  8. 1997 spare tire under body hinge

    Anyone know of a source other than junk yards,, looking for the hinge that connects the horizontal brace to the frame bracket.
  9. 1997 4.0 converter flange

    Thanks for the info,, I was just going to napa and get some gasket material and they had the gasket,, Walker number 86387 31609.
  10. 1997 4.0 converter flange

    I fabricated the other end but need the gasket now.
  11. 1997 4.0 converter flange

    Anyone have any other numbers as this one doesn't match up. Autozone couldn't use the other numbers
  12. 1997 4.0 converter flange

    Thanks for the idea, I already fabricated a pipe and flange,where can I get that gasket ?
  13. 1997 4.0 converter flange

    Thats not the flange,,the one I need is rectangular and 3 bolts,,
  14. 1997 4.0 converter flange

  15. 1997 4.0 converter flange

    The old flange is rotted away

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