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  1. Heater hose woes

    2002, XLT, 3.0L. QUES : Do I need the small diameter hose, which comes off the side of the black plastic "T", that is on the larger hose that goes from housing to heater core...? I assume it's a bypass...? I only drive the truck in summer. Thanx for any info.
  2. Survey

    Would like to know what is the record in days, weeks, months......for driving with a "humming" front wheel bearing...? Just curious.
  3. Hub...bearings or both....?

    RE: tire noise of a previous thread. Is there a way to sound only...if wheels noises are bearings or hub, or both...? Have only one vehicle, so have to purchase parts before doing the repair. (Maybe I should buy it all, and return what I don't use).....but I'm sure there is a way...
  4. tire noise...?

    Have what sounds like tire noise....but doesn't change on different pavements. Engine speed has no effect....only truck speed. My first thought was a wheel bearing, but it isn't the type of sound I've always associated with wheel bearings....isn't slightly oscillating, and not...
  5. Rear door latches.

    Are right and left rear door latches interchangeable....? 2002,Extra cab Ranger. Thanx.
  6. Speedo / odo

    Are the speedo and odometer on a 2002 Ranger calibrated that a speedo that is reading higher than the actual speed is putting more miles on the vehicle....?
  7. Rear door on 4-door extra cab

    Wondering where to find a rear door latch for a Ranger Extra Cab...? The driver side rear door is stuck...common...interior lights on..."door ajar" dash light on...etc. The dealer quoted about $150....yikes. Are right and left interchangeable...? There's a right-side at a bone yard for $15..I...
  8. Front engine noise

    It's the common dilemma: Noise from either the fan belt, idler pulley, pulley alignment, cam sensor, al. Would the fact that the noise in my 3.0L occurs ONLY when idling...and that increasing the RPM by 100 or less, stops the narrow down the possible cause of the...
  9. Speedometer Servo

    Anyone know how to ID the speedo servo wire on a 2002 Ranger transmission...? 3.0L, automatic, 2 wheel drive. There're are many wires attached to the tranny...none on the tailshaft, some on top of the tranny. Any color hints...or special ID help...? My speedo needle flutters, and is 4+ mph...
  10. Speedometer trouble 2002 Ranger

    Can't seem to find any posts about speedometers after 2000. I've a 2002, 2 wheel drive, automatic. Speedo needle fluctuates, and is 4 MPH off....don't know how to recognize the speedo sensor on the output shaft, so I can test it. Many wires a bunch, on the left side of trans case...
  11. Rear door latches

    Are the rear door latches side-specific....right latch won't work on left...? 2002 XLT 4 door.
  12. AC compressor cycling

    2002 Ranger, XLT, 3.0 L, Auto, 4-door. AC compressor keeps cycling every 3 or 4, ONLY if compartment vent-selector switch is on....ANY position....(NOT the blower switch). If the switch is cycling of compressor.....Sensor...? Relay...
  13. Rear door latches

    Could someone tell me which years rear door latches for a Ranger Super Cab are compatible with 2002....? Thanks Much Charlie.
  14. Jammed rear door latch

    2002 Ranger 4 door XLT 4X2: Which years rear door latches are all compatible....? Someone told me that they were all the same from 1998 to 2002.....wanted to make sure before I pull one off in the boneyard. Thanx Charlie
  15. Rear door

    Have a stuck rear driver's side door. Where can I find the necessary latch/access needed to replace it. Dealer price was mucho $$$. Thanx Charlie