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  1. Trans adapters

    Does anyone make a Bellhousing adapter that mounts a V8 auto trans up to a 4.0Ltr? All I can find is adapters to mount a 4.0Ltr trans up to a V8 - which doesn't seem to make sense!
  2. Water pump gasket

    Changing my water pump today. The haynes book says to put RTV on both sides of the gasket. I bought a FEL-PRO gasket that has a line of red RTV on one side already. My question is: should I put RTV on the other side, both sides or not at all? I checked FEL-PRO's website but of course there is no...
  3. A4LD shifting problem

    A friend has a 1992 Exploder 4x4 automatic. He says that it has trouble shifting only from 1 to 2 gear. He says he can make it shift if he handles the gas pedal right. Doesn't slip any and shifts fine in and out of every other gear. I am a 5speed guy and don't know much about autos except that...
  4. NP205 regearing?

    I have acquired a divorced NP205 t-case from a mid 70's F250. I understand that they only have 1.96:1 low range. Am I able to buy a gear kit for 3:1 or even 4:1 low range? If so does anyone know where I would order a kit from. Thanks.
  5. 4x4 brackets on 4x2?

    Does anyone know if the TTB drop brackets from a 4x4 Ranger will bolt onto the frame of 4x2 Ranger? Basically are the frames the same. I want an extended cab to put my running gear into and it would open my possibilities for buying one if this would work! Hope someone on here has some advice...
  6. getting frustrated

    I have a 91 Ranger 4.0ltr. Weekend before last I flopped it on the passenger side. 1/2 a litre of oil dumped out the oil filler neck hose into my air intake/snorkel. It was late at night so after the truck was righted and fluids checked I drove it home with a check engine light on. Code 41 is...
  7. 4.0 ltr exhaust

    I have a 1991 4.0 ltr in a reg cab Ranger. 3" pvc snorkel for air intake. My y-pipe has the cat removed, 3' of straight pipe (2.25") welded on to it. Not sure what to buy for a muffler. Don't want it to loud (have a 5000km trip soon) but definately want to hear it! I was thinking about...

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