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    Yep, lost the 93 smallblock years ago and now due to changing needs the 05 (supercharged) ranger is sold... But my blood is still blue so this is the replacement. While its not as sporty as an SC'd ranger, it handles relatively well considering it weighs double that of a ranger. Its a...
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    how to make a 4 banger faster?

    Volvo DOHC head, custom rotating assembly balanced to 10,000rpm, and some serious camshaft profiles will easily get you into the 200 hp range at redline. Sure your powerband will "come on" at around 6500rpm (so you'll need to drive in this range all the time), but you successfully made V6 peak...
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    Cab Visor fitment: roofline differences between 3rd, 4th, and 5th gen

    Here's the deal. We all know that Lund used to make a windshield visor for the 98+ rangers but since discontinued said product. Well, I'm looking for a cab visor for my 2005 because I like the looks and the winter it keeps the frost from consuming the entire windshield in the morning. When I...
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    Making a AWD v8 supercharged ranger

    Any adjustable drag type shock will do you good. Here's what I ran on my old Ranger in the front. Competition Engineering 2646. The springs I used were stock 4.0L 2wd springs. I can't remember what I had on the rear for shocks. I remember the cal-tracs and I remember having to weigh the back...
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    Making a AWD v8 supercharged ranger

    Other worthwhile mods are relocating stuff to the back like the battery and fuel cell. I don't know where your 302 sits but I tucked the small block as far back as I could (having to do some surgery to the firewall). Any modification to increase traction by itself will be minimal, but...
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    Making a AWD v8 supercharged ranger

    My old ranger was north of 400-425hp with a 4000 stall converter and 4.11 gears. The rear grabbed the road pretty well with cal-tracs on leafs designed for "weight transfer", a tight limited slip and 28x10.5 MT ET street radials. All AWD is going to do is add weight, draw more power to turn...
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    lowering a 4WD 95 ranger

    Not afraid of doing a little digging I see! Like stated 2 years ago, an inch or two would be pretty straight forward. After that, there is a lot of custom stuff you will need to do (especially if you plan on keeping the 4wd option)
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    5R55E... Lets discuss towing in overdrive!

    First off, yes I tow and haul in overdrive... within reason of course. I picked up a scangauge and it gives plenty of reference as to what my truck is doing. Before I get all scatterbrained, here's what I have, what I do, and why I do it. I use a 2005 ranger 4x4 with the 5R55E trans (larger...
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    245 cfm from iron GT40 heads

    On my quest for a budget 400 horse 306 ci small block, I have a couple of low cost options for heads. A decent set of aftermarket heads can run $950-$1300. A pair of custom ported stockers can run $700+ while using STOCK valves! With some garage talk with Tom and Brenda from T&B racing engine...
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    V8 driveshaft torque capacity (not fitment question)

    So, what are all you guys (with 400+ hp) using for a driveshaft? The factory 2.3L shaft in my '93 longbed held up to a mild 302. I am however concerned with the 331ci stroker and a built hard shifting C4 transmission. Anyone have any input? I'm considering having a custom aluminum shaft...
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    Rogueperformance SCT X3

    First off, the truck is a 2005 Ford Ranger 4x4 with 4.0L SOHC/5R55E drivetrain. I ordered the programmer from Rogueperformance.com on a thursday evening and by tuesday I recieved the product via USPS priority shipping. Before I explain the experience with the SCT X3, I want to share some...
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    4.0L decals

    Easy enough question. I'm painting a mustang hood scoop and fitting it onto my 05 Edge. Looking for some silver "4.0L SOHC" stickers to compliment the sonic blue on the sides of the scoop. Anyone recommend a certain place to order? What about styles? Thanks guys!
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    Dynomax exhaust on a 2005?

    I was browsing summitracing equipment and found the dynomax 17315 single exhaust system for $169.99. In the "fitment" page, it says the exhaust will work up to 2004. What has changed on the Ranger from '04 to '05? Would I still be able to take advantage of this offer? I'm hoping this will...
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    Wrangler Authority ATs

    Any one running these? I was wandering through walmart and noticed this tire, and a 265/75/16 tire this aggressive for $160... well, you can't beat that with a stick. What do you guys think of them? The sidewalls are only 2 ply, but then again most ATs are anyway. Thanks guys! PS:please...
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    duratec focus same engine as a duratec ranger?

    The base V6 (3.0) wouldn't be worth getting. But the 4.0L SOHC would be a huge difference. Not to mention, you can have this, with an extended cab and 4 wheel drive. But, I know this thread isn't about purchasing a new truck. Doug at bamachips.com has some tunes created for the duratech...