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    Leaf spring vs long arm radius arm ?

    Good info
  2. ford4thot

    Leaf spring vs long arm radius arm ?

    I'm not really familiar with this stuff. But I'm pretty sure radius arm type suspension will get you more articulation
  3. ford4thot

    Weird EGR? I'm clueless

    1992 4.0l 2wd ext cab manual. What is this? I'm putting Hedman headers on. Left side has no EGR sensor. Just now getting to right side and I noticed this weird extension to the intake. What exactly is this and is this necessary? The new header does not have anything like that. Would it be okay...
  4. ford4thot

    My POS Craigslist Special 92 Ranger

    Drove two hours after fighting off other interested parties to look at a 92 Extended cab 2wd Ranger with a 4.0l and 5 speed manual. I'm not familiar with POS vehicles, so after a test drive I was iffy. Gf was cranky and tired, and she said "just get it" Drove 2 hours home. Next day...
  5. ford4thot

    Need advice on rebuild/reman

    Hi guys been awhile since I've been around here. Sold my 2011 Ranger and bought an F-150 a while back. Traded that off for something else but... I recently bought a 1992 Ranger extended cab two wheel drive with a manual transmission and a 4.0 V6 engine. I actually got taken on Craigslist this...
  6. ford4thot

    Car Fiend App

    Anyone have one/know about this? It's like a social network based around vehicles. You can build your garage and share it with other users. Pretty cool. iOS only right now I believe. Because iOS>droid My username is Zealous If you join, post your username here!
  7. ford4thot

    ford4thot "Build/Intro" Thread

    It's time I started one of these. In Dec 2011 I bought a new Black 2011 4.0L 4x4 4 door Supercab Sport. Sticker price was $27,700....i didnt pay that! I own my own Home Maintenance and Remodeling LLC, so this truck is earning its keep! New First mod was toolboxes of course! 2 56" Weatherguard...

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