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    2.3L ('83-'97) Carter YFA to Holley 5200 Swap

    Be careful with the torque! These old cast aluminum manifolds will crack very easily. I split my stock oval port manifold with a 4" wrench tightening my carb bolts. Did you replace the gasket or reuse the old one? If re-using the old one, huck it, get a felpro or use RTV. Go light on the RTV...
  2. ExploreNW

    Freeze plug popped out.

    Yep, seen it, been there. I think it was a balmy 2 degF that day. Got all the way to the store and halfway back before I noticed the temp gauge read normal and the heater never blew anything close to warm.
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    2.3L ('83-'97) Carter YFA to Holley 5200 Swap

    This is possible. PCV if working properly will affect AFR at any given throttle position. Try capping off the PCV and see what happens. Also, as for #1 having a lean condition, since you have a progressive routed through a 1bbl adapter you should be getting even flow to all 4. Note some...
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    2.3L ('83-'97) 1983 Down on Power

    That 5200 looks great on your 2.3! Glad you got it up and running too. Your throttle cable bracket work looks a lot better than mine, I just took a peanut wheel to it. And I'll be damned if I could've gotten that manifold-heater tube to hold the first time... or the third... ;missingteeth...
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    Shape of things to come?

    I'd drive a Taco. Wouldn't drive a fiat. Would not be caught dead driving a n***an though... Unrelated, did you hear about the CEO? Embezzled millions. He was smuggled him out of Japan in an audio equip box.
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    Shape of things to come?

    I get where you're coming from. I may **** with my motors and build power with them but I always run as much of the emissions equip as I can. For me, my dog, and everyone behind me. That said. US air quality has improved dramatically since the 70s. When manufacturers come and tell me they...
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    Drift Truck Help

    My 2.3 will do rolling one-wheel burners on wet pavement. Granted my fuel management, intake, and head aren't off the '94. You want power from your 2.3? Get an ebay turbo and a Megasquirt. Best $600 you can spend on an older high-mile 2.3.
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    engine swap

    I'd keep the 2.9 and put the money I saved into making said 2.9 a lot more fun.
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    Adding power Doors

    It's a solid maybe on the harness being pre-equipped. Due to various conditions in manufacture such as parts on hand or intended use, there are really three options you could discover: 1. The wiring harness has the needed plugs in place and a relay socket & fuse in the fuse panel that are...
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    Shape of things to come?

    Why not 6.2 swap then? As for your sales contract: "Without warranty or guarantee, express or implied. The buyer acknowledges the transmission of the vehicle is unsafe and agrees to release the seller of any and all liability pertaining to this. Buyer additionally agrees to repair it before...
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    Shape of things to come?

    The 2011s were built in the US then sent to Mexico. Find yourself a donor south of the border. Might have to render it destroyed to import it. Buy one that's wrecked in back and you can get yourself some cash from the doors/panels/etc and you get a spare diesel. Practica su Espanol...
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    Shape of things to come?

    "We" "Voted" and we got CAFE standards in the 70s and we keep getting those standards tightened. The "myth" that the USA has the strictest auto emissions in the world is not a myth. Manufacturers do anything they can to get their cars under that average that conveniently only applies to the...
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    Garbage replacement parts

    One local JY has paid pullers and you just wait in the lobby while they pull your parts. I never thought about yanking them and doing the selling myself... That said. I will take a junkyard part with 200,000 miles on it before I take a new part from most dealers. Dorman's quality has gone...
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    Shape of things to come?

    This was done for torque and smog reasons. Ford alleges that tighter emissions/fuel economy standards and better control of power delivery can be achieved with the new automatics. Then Ford turned around and sold the manual everywhere except the USA. In short, we voted for this, we made our bed...
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    Canadian Truck imports?

    I found a couple PowerSmoke trucks up in Kelowna (a bit north of 4 hours drive) or in the area for considerably less than one in worse shape in the US. The importers are based in Calgary, their gig involves buying Canuck trucks, rebuilding/bulletproofing, and shipping to the border for pickup...