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  1. Brake light switch issue on my 03 Ranger XL.

    Hey guys, I have a brake light issue on my 03 Ranger XL. The brake lights come on when I move the brake light (brand new might I add, old one had same issue I'm talking about) switch up or down, but don't when I press the pedal down or do for a little bit then stops working, then when I jiggle...
  2. 2003 V6 3.0L Auto/RWD Ford XL tapered roller bearings torquing specs?

    I don't have much experience with tapered bearings, but have schooled myself so here I am requesting what I need from you gurus of wisdom, haha. I was wondering what the torque specs are. I have a click torque wrench to use and I'm needing to know the correct torque and also...if I need to put...