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  1. cr_the_machinist

    Advise on removing creases from drivers side door

    I have a number of mild creases in my drivers side door from a buddy sliding into my truck last winter (very icy driveway). I'm looking for some advise on how to remove these. I can post a picture if that would help. Not looking to make them completely disappear, but I like to make them at...
  2. cr_the_machinist

    Cool Ford EFI Reference Website...

    Thought this was a decent page for reference. Just stumbled upon it one day and has been in my browsers bookmarks ever since. Just thought I'd share it cause maybe it could help someone out. http://fordfuelinjection.com/
  3. cr_the_machinist

    Toyo Open Country A/T

    I've put 16,000 miles on these tires so far and I'm pretty satisfied. I purchased these tires in P265/75-16, a slight step up from the OEM 245/75-16's. At the time they costed me $128 per tire but they are up to $141 from the same tire dealer. They are still very affordable for a tire of it's...
  4. cr_the_machinist

    My Daily Driver

    Here's my pretty much bone stock '99 4x4 Sport. I'm running Toyo Open Country A/T's in P265/75-16 (great tires). Also, I've replaced to exhaust with a Dynomax Ultra-Flo Catback (Stock mufflers was getting a little crusty). I currently have 125,000 miles on the clock.
  5. cr_the_machinist

    Oil pressure switch thread pitch?

    Anyone know the thread pitch on the oil pressure switch used in a 99 4.0 OHV?
  6. cr_the_machinist

    '99 4.0 OHV throws P0174 cel but never P0171.

    My truck has been throwing a Bank 2 lean code for about 2~3 months now. It's not sensor related because I've tested everything, nothing came back unusual. I would assume that if there was a vacuum leak introduced into the upper intake area that it would eventually trigger a leak code on bank 1...
  7. cr_the_machinist

    Oxygen Voltage Readout Questions....

    Oxygen Sensor Voltage Readout Questions.... replaced both of my upstream oxygen sensors today and decided to bench test the old ones. I took the propane torch to them and hooked up the trusty fluke. One read fine, getting up to 0.600 volts near the 20 second mark and returns back to 0.000...
  8. cr_the_machinist

    Put new shoes on the Truck!

    Replaced my BFG A/T's in 245/75-16 for Some Toyo Open Country A/T's in 265/75-16. I'm happy so far. :icon_thumby: OLD BFG's: NEW TOYO's:
  9. cr_the_machinist

    99 4.0L OHV throwing P1152 code

    My trucks computer intermittently throws a P1152 code. It states "O2 Sensor Indicates Rich / Low Voltage - Bank #2". I've recently put a new MAF and TPS but not becuase of the code. Has anyone had any experience in the past with this code. It causes my truck to run pretty soggy and surge /...
  10. cr_the_machinist

    Bad MAF > 5r55e Hard Jerking Shifts..... related???

    I've tested the wiring harness to the pcm and all components related to the maf (no faults). Error code p0102 (maf input too low) is the only code that has come up enough the throw the cel (I've also found codes mixture rich bank 1&2). Idle maf reading are within spec but once you touch the...
  11. cr_the_machinist

    Best paint for valve covers?

    I'm currently in the process of a top end rebuild on my truck and the valve covers are looking pretty gnarly. What's the best type of paint to use for that application.... enamel?
  12. cr_the_machinist

    Need opinions and/or thoughts on 4.0 ohv issue

    I have a 99 Ranger 4x4 with 96,000 miles on the clock. The last couple months it has started to burn oil and burn very small amounts of coolant. I have replaced the plugs, wires, torqued manifold gaskets and valve covers, searched for vacuum leaks... replacing one questionable line. I had new...
  13. cr_the_machinist

    Power steering.... PROBLEM!

    I noticed driving to work this morning that my power steering started to act funny. I had a little mud on the inside of the rim (not enough to violently shake) but I cleaned it off. Now my steering wheel is giving me some weird feedback? Whenever I hit a small bump it will shake / pulsate...
  14. cr_the_machinist

    My $100 craigslist score!!!

    I scored a Manik brushguard for my truck off of craigslist for my truck last week. I had some time on Wendsday night to get it installed and setup. It mounts as solid as a rock to the frame. Probably going to look into getting some rear tail light guards for the rear to match it up. I wasn't...
  15. cr_the_machinist

    Anyone into R/C?

    Now with spring a couple of months away and the tempuratures trying to slowly creep up, I'm breaking out my nitro rc buggy tomorrow at work. It's going to be 45* and partly cloudy in southern michigan. He's my Ofna Ultra LX 4x4 Buggy a.k.a.... The 55mph ankle breaker!

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