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  1. 1977 Ford T-bird

    A friend has one that has been in storage for 10 to 15 years. Interior he says is perfect. Some minor rust on the exterior. I will get pictures soon. Anyone interested?
  2. Thermostat Housing Replacement

    Well it was not the housing. A bolt had corroded and broke off. So much fun.
  3. Thermostat Housing Replacement

    Got a small leak in the lower housing on my 2001, 4.0. I have all the parts. Have anyone one ever done this?
  4. 2011 Ranger XLT Supercab 4x4 4dr is sold

    Do they use salt on the roads in Hew Hamp?
  5. Skid Plate

  6. Skid Plate

    Did the 2001 Off Road come with a front skid plate. I know the 2002's did. Reason I am asking, I bought the truck with a brush guard. I have been told that you had to remove the skid plate to mount it. I have since removed. Now if it did not come with a factory skid plate, can I add one...
  7. Skid plate

    I bought my 2001 Off-Road used. The guy had a brush guard on it. When I took it off, I noticed the front skid plate that came with the vehicle was no longer present. I guess they had to remove it to install the brush guard. Now I am looking for one.
  8. A new crossbow

    Wicked Ridge has a sale on their entry level 10-point Invader G3 thru 31 October. Just picked one up direct from them for $329. My first venture into crossbow archery. Anyone who wants one, do so quickly.
  9. Trans Pan with a drain plug

    Been thinking about getting a new transmission pan with a drain plug. Then ever other oil change, draining what I can and replacing. Only difference between that and a real service is changing the filter. Any thoughts or anyone done this?
  10. 6.8 spc ii

    Anyone have experience with this round? Thinking about buying a complete upper.
  11. 2001 4X4 Off Road

    Mine did not come with a front skid plate only the standard one over the gas tank. Can you install one from a 2002 or later?
  12. Carpet and Weather Tech Liners

    First any suggestions for new carpet sources? Second, can't get a weather tech liner for an '01 extended cab Ranger. But you can get one for an '01 Sporttrac. The early Sporttracs were based on the Ranger. Seems they might fit. Any thoughts or experiences?
  13. 8.8 posi conversion

    The question is simple. But I suspect the answer is complex. Can you add posi/limited slip to a non unit easily?
  14. Door ajar cable

    Had to replace the right rear bottom door latch on my '01. Well, they changed the cable connector for the door ajar warning. It is driving me nuts. The part is $113. I was thinking of just crossing the two pins so that it always shows closed. But I do not know whether the default showing...
  15. Transmission Engagement

    Daughter has an '02 Explorer with about 117,000 miles on it. I drove it the other day, and there seems to be a 3 or 4 second delay before the transmission engages when put in drive. There also seemed to be a hard shift from 3 to 4. Any thoughts on the problem or fix?