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  1. I bought a High Rider...

    The "High rider" package is really nothing special, it isn't really a "lift kit"but it is a bit more than a "leveling kit" it was actually a zero cost option add on to an STX package truck
  2. 3.4l v8

    The Ford Taurus SHO 3.4 liter V8 Shares NOTHING with the Jaguar 3.9liter V8 engine used in the last gen Thunderbird & Lincoln LS8 which were pretty much off the shelf Jaguar parts, while the Taurus-SHO V8 was a Cosworth Block and Yamaha heads. And FWIW the LS8 engines are far more common both...
  3. I'm apparently weak... and Eddie Bauer VS Limited differences

    The Manifolds are the "cheat code" to Identify the heads Tube shorty "headers" are the earlier GT40 heads CAST IRON Manifolds are the later GT40P heads
  4. Educate me on the V8 Explorer

    I'm actually on my SECOND 2nd gen 5.0 "Explorer", my current vehicle is 1997 Mercury Mountaineer 5.0/auto/AWD, my previous 5.0 was a 1996 Explorer. On the GT40 HEADS ALL 5.0 Explorers have either the early GT40 or GT40P heads, but starting in mid-1997 Ford switched to the later slightly...
  5. 1994 explorer front abs bolt size

    Actually it is a 12-point 6mm and it needs to be a fairly skinny socket, either a 3/8"Drive "Semi-Deep" or if you can find one a 1/4" drive Additionally that bolt is for the cast Iron shield for the front ABS Sensor, I don't recall if the sensor has it's own bolt hole I haven't looked at those...
  6. 86 BII 4x4 TK-5 to M50D swap, will the driveshafts and transfer case match up?

    No the drive shafts will be the wrong lengths. but there is an easy out for you as the M5OD-R1 is the same overall length as the A4LD, get Both drive-shafts out of an automatic truck with the same axle/T-case combo as your truck and the same Cab/Bed configuration. As an additional note. the...
  7. tips on removing M50D transmission from 96 Ranger 4x4 v6, top bolts.

    I've always done mine the same way, I use a 36" 3/8" drive long locking extension from Matco and an a 3/8 drive Impact swivel socket. I do them from the bottom.
  8. Would you sell your old ranger if you had to rebuild your engine?

    I'm not lifting an engine! I need to lift a CAB, specifically a supercab
  9. Would you sell your old ranger if you had to rebuild your engine?

    Well, it's not like a shipyard overhead traveling beam I only need it to lift beds and the occasional cab and the actual lifting can be done with 2" Ratchet straps. So, according to Audel's formulas Two doubled 2x6" would be adequate and Doubled 2x8" would be overkill
  10. Would you sell your old ranger if you had to rebuild your engine?

    Why would I ever give up on my 1987 Supercab? If the engine fails I have spares, I have a spare FRAME (Yep, I actually have a loose Supercab frame) I need someone who is a better carpenter than I am to help me put up overhead beams in my carport, it is past time to switch to my spare Cab...
  11. Rear axle drone

    When I had a front pinion fail in my rear diff it sounded like someone had left a running turbo-shaft (helicopter engine) in my bed, it "whistles" at a steady cruise.
  12. front posi?

    the 1983-1985 Rangers were sometimes sold with what Ford Refered to as a "Snow Plow Prep" package, which included supplemental air springs(poly air bags in the front coils) and a Dana28 front axle with a limited-slip. These are easily identified by a slightly different axle coding, in addition...
  13. 8.8 4.10 rear.... Trying to find out socket size for pinion seal nut

    Technically you are supposed to replace the nut, the seal and crush collar (it is behind the front bearing) together But to do that also requires pulling the carrier and ring gear, so you can properly set pinion bearing preload. Do remember that proper diff setup is important because those...
  14. Where can I buy a 2wd front sway bar bracket?!

    Considering you have a V8 it might be worth considering a Buying a pair on 1995-1997 beams with steering knuckles and giving your truck a brake upgrade to the superior two piston brake calipers.