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  1. R2.8 Conversion Coming Soon!

    Pulling my hair out talking to transmission builders. Want a transmission for up to 300hp/400ftlb that'll be $2K. Oh, it's for a turbo diesel? that's gonna be $3K at least. ??????
  2. 99 Ranger build

    Glad everyone/everything was OK!
  3. R2.8 Conversion Coming Soon!

    I haven't been able to find any Ford based swaps yet only Toyota, Jeep and a few odd others. The 2.8 is used in F250s overseas, as well as a butt-load of Chinese trucks. It is only sold here as a crate motor right now. Easy to squeeze out 200HP/325-350ftlb so I'm figuring it will move me...
  4. R2.8 Conversion Coming Soon!

    Well, I took the plunge after much soul searching and place my order for an R2.8 Engine kit and bellhousing to replace the 4.0 in my '99 that gave up the ghost! Planning on R2.8/AOD(w/4R70W guts) and a 203/1356 doubler so that I will retain electric shift 4X4 and have a lever for the doubler...
  5. Cummins 2.8

    Kind of a late reply but I looked into it quite a bit and just can't find any way to hook a suitable trans to it. Buddies want me to go 4BT, but that's too dang heavy for me! The R2.8 is awesome all around if I could hook it to a Ford transmission! 2nd problem is that my total repower budget...

    My Ranger does not currently have cruise so I need to swap the master cylinder to get the threaded port for the cruise switch. Otherwise I'd probably leave all that as-is.

    While I was perusing my donor Sunday I noticed that the brake booster was plainly marked "5.0" Any reason that has to be swapped or can I just stick to my 4.0 unit. I may swap the brake booster at least in hopes of using the cruise control switch in future endeavors to install cruise. Which my...
  8. Low buck 5.0 truck

    Quoted for being one of the most truthful statements ever made!
  9. Ford Ranger - 4.6 3v Engine Swap

    :unsure:I'm trying to convince the fab shop that put my Super Duty axles under my truck that they should comp me labor on the V-8 swap due to the fact that I believe my headgasket blew due to them putting "them big stupid mud tires" on my truck. So far my negotiations have not gotten me far...
  10. Ford Ranger - 4.6 3v Engine Swap

    Trust me as a former LEO and now a factory repair tech/engineer I understand completely the idiocy that is out there! "What do you mean we can't run this 100HP air compressor deadheading into a 1/2" line." "My 250HP/480V motor is burned up, why don't you have one with you to repair it? Don't...
  11. Ford Ranger - 4.6 3v Engine Swap

    Just asking for clarity, is that because their computer is unable to or because Ford forbids it? There are some things I can do with programming on our control computers at work that I am forbidden to by company policy. Just curious.
  12. Ford Ranger - 4.6 3v Engine Swap

    I could be wrong but if I understand correctly PATS can be programmed out of the computer but it takes either a dealer or a shop with an advanced computer to do it. The guy that's about to do my swap says his computer can handle it so I'm leaving it up to him.
  13. 2000 5.0 Explorer Swap Into 98 Ranger 4.0

    I'm really hoping this is good intel because I'm looking into the same swap now. My truck is a 99 Standard cab shortbed on 39's and Super Duty axles so a little beef over the factory ranger case will be a good thing. Plus I can just swap yokes on my axles and keep the fullsize 1/2T U-joint sizes.

    As a former Diesel mechanic who has worked who has worked on thousands of Humvees, I fully understand the drawbacks, that is one of the reasons I shy away so much. I know too much about their characteristics. From an economy and torque standpoint, hands down the diesel. One of my reasons...

    I have a plasma cutter and a welder, it CAN be done. Whether or not it suits my driving style/needs is the question. After much research, I do not believe it does. A 6.2 Detroit would be my choice but it too has many drawbacks for what I'm doing. 5.0 makes the most sen